About FUKASHIRO  product unfolding in WAZA

The accessories using the Japanese paper that the accessories which FUKASHIRO  presents this time are Japanese traditional material,

Including technique that has been succeeded as for several hundred years from old days, Hirado work, Kyoto Shippo is right post at made in japan

Of the product which a person made full use of WAZA, and finished with a soul suggest it.


It is said that the word “Shippo” stems from a Buddhist scripture.
Kyo-Shippo has evolved in unique way through being influenced by Kyo-Yaki.
It is durably coated with fused glass powder and glaze.
We believe it is really one of the fruit of the technique by craftsmanship.


cherry tree


Hirado- zaiku

Hirado Zaiku is a silver line work developed from the one which came from the Netherland to Hirado port Nagasaki prefecture in Edo period(1603- 1868).
The main products those days were” kanzashi”woman’s ornamental hairpins, and decorative objects of armors.
The whole process is handmade,by rolling up a silver wire to  spiral parts, setting and welding them into a frame.
This traditional skills have been handed down to around ten craftsmen at present.


Clover  :The language of flowers are fame, wealth ,love, health or true love.

Turtle:The turtle is a symbol of good luck in Hawaii