Seek: a casual yet agreeable sensation
The luxurious feel of Ultimate Pima, a choice organic cotton
The high-quality design delivers a natural, comfortable sensation when the item is worn.

A seam-less new fit:

The cut-off finishing• of the fabric breaks away from the traditional hem. Thanks to a high-pressure adhesion process, the fabric is cut sharply and will not unravel. Thus, the discomfort that seams may cause in traditional underwear is removed.

Reduce unnecessary skin friction in your daily use of underwear with the SEEK undershirt.

Adhesion finish
A seam adhesion technique is used to bind shoulders and sleeves together, which allows for a ‘no-seam’ feeling on the skin, complemented by an all-around softness in fit and material.

* This feature is used on certain products only.

A certain code of men’s elegance opts to reveal less rather than more when one crosses one’s legs. High-socks are de rigueur to combine with the elegance of a proper suit. Add this top-of-the line high socks to your wardrobe to remain dressed to a T. The item boasts impeccable workmanship that will respond to all your moves, in all seasons.