About the KASHOEN Co. Ltd:

Kumano Town, in Hiroshima Prefecture, has been famous for the production of hair brushes called “Kumano-Fude” since the Edo period, around the eighteenth century. Based in Kumano Town, the KASHOEN company has produced quality makeup brushes for over hundred thirty years drawing from the passion and skills of the town’s established craftsmen.

About fifty different processes are needed to produce a KASHOEN brush. Brushes are hand-made from start to finish.Only the best quality animal hairs are selected according to the company’s original standards.
Those same standards have been uncompromisingly used and applied since the KASHOEN’S founder Shozo Takamoto started to produce brushes in 1833. The KASHOEN makeup brushes were the first to be exported to foreign markets, and as such a quality standard was established. While ensuring the permanency of century-old fabrication, we have made new and original inroads in the tradition and history of makeup brushes.

With an emphasis on value and quality, the KASHOEN company strives to achieve these goals on a continuous and sustainable way. We seek elegance and beauty, in line with the highest standards of Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship, eager to introduce this outstanding art to the largest number of people around the world.