GUNZE Techniques

Quality Inspections That Require Sophisticated Technique

Each completed SEEK fabric is inspected visually as it goes by on the inspection line. Exceptional concentration and technique is necessary to achieve the high level of accuracy to prevent even a slightly damaged product getting through, and one can see the Japanese spirit of creating things with absolute care and certainty in the inspectors’ work.

The floors of the Gunze factories are made of natural Japanese cypress parquet. This allows the premises to remain immaculate with a fresh and nurturing feeling and provides an ideal and comfortable environment for employees and management to expedite the day’s workload.

A Research Facility that turns ‘comfort’ into a science.
In our ‘comfort factory’, we measure all sorts of ‘human’ data such as body temperature, pressure and humidity. The data is then used in the development of new products with comfort as a guiding principle.

As a leading manufacturer of fine quality underwear in Japan, we strive to source the best available cotton materials. We use high-grade, ultra long cotton fibers, to which a ‘double mercerization’ process is applied, introducing a lush ‘hand’ fabric.

This innovative method uses a process patented by the Gunzé company that eliminates the seams at the edge of the material. Neckline and sleeve ends are cut sharp, and the underwear remains invisible under a shirt or a sweater.