MORPHO Techniques

The Morpho, found in the rainforests of Central and South America, is esteemed as the most beautiful butterfly in the world. Amidst the many varieties of Morpho that possess shining blue wings, the Cypris Morpho is particularly stunning. It is a butterfly that stands apart in the natural world and represents the pinnacle of beauty. We chose “MORPHO” and “CYPRIS” as our company and brand names because “craftsmanship with intrinsic value that can be loved for a lifetime” is our basic philosophy. We constantly improve our sense of beauty as craftsmen and strive for the pinnacle of craftsmanship so that we may continue to shine like the beauty of the Morpho in every occasion.

Craftsman group Brando CYPRIS with the highest technology that will adhere to Leather Goods stubbornly for 40 years or more, and is continuing making The disposition of the craftsmen of such a studio which is completing history one step respectively honestly. We are making the quality which is not, and “genuine article ” which can taste sense of superiority.

As for the leather accessories of the CYPRIS brand, the process of about 100-250 is incorporated in the item from a coin purse to a Long wallet.

There are more processes than the usual leather accessories, and 90% or more of the handmade ratio in all the processes also of the goods of a handmade is depending on and an item 70% or more.

It is a hand even if it spends time and effort and time.   It tastes with the simplicity of adhering to a made, and manual labor, and also is exactly pursuit of ease of use (pursuit of a function), a quality, and beauty.